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Image of Saint Lukes
Image of Saint Lukes
Image of Saint Lukes
St Luke’s churchyard is open at all times and is beautiful and peaceful. Churchyards have an important place in the hearts of people throughout the land, particularly for those who have loved ones buried in them. In order to retain their character, certain rules are followed, which in our case come from the Chancellor of Southwark Diocese. These regulations are there so that in future generations, people will be able to visit the churchyard and it will have the same atmosphere that it has today. It is impossible to insure the whole churchyard against theft or vandalism, but some people find it adds to their peace of mind to take out insurance on the plaque or headstone which is their special concern. Your Funeral Director will be able to give you names of such insurers. If you have a problem or a worry in connection with the churchyard, please contact the Churchyard Manager, who will be glad to help.


  1. Graves/Ashes plots need to be kept flat with no kerbs, mounds or extensions to the plot size in order that it may be looked after without undue labour costs.
  2. A marker should be placed on the grave at the time of burial, so that headstones can be placed on the correct graves. The Undertaker should contact the Vicar to organise this.
  3. To allow the grave to settle, nine months need to elapse before a grave can be levelled, grassed and a headstone installed. The headstone needs to be set in a concrete shoe below ground level. Examples of the headstones permitted are available from the Undertaker. The acceptable size is no more than 2ft 6” high, 2ft 3” wide and 4 inches thick.
  4. The chosen stone for headstones and memorials in our churchyard is Nabresina. Please note that marble and granite are NOT now permitted.
  5. The Undertaker will consult the Vicar for permission to install a headstone when arrangements are made for its purchase.
  6. Headstones incorporating a heart or a book design are not allowed without special permission (a faculty) from the Chancellor.
  7. Trees and shrubs must not be planted on or around graves/ashes plots. Bulbs may be planted as these will not prevent mowing and maintenance.
  8. Artificial flowers, ornaments, photographs, non-Christian items, plastic domes or covers on graves/ashes plots are not allowed.
  9. Breakable containers such as glass or pottery must NOT be used for flowers. If possible please place flowers near the gravestone in a plastic container or in a memorial vase integral with the headstone. Surrounds or coverings of any kind (chippings, pebbles and stones, small fencing etc.) must not be placed around or over the grave/ashes plot. These make it impossible to mow the site and will be removed by our Churchyard Manager.


The Churchyard Regulations also apply to all ashes plots. In addition, for the ashes plots in the Garden of Remembrance, we ask that the heathers and shrubs are not pruned or removed without contacting the Churchyard Manager. A non-breakable memorial vase may be placed close to the plaque.


These should be ordered through St Luke’s Church. Please contact Mrs A Pannett for all enquires and orders.


It is in your interest to let us know if you change your address so that we can keep you informed of any issues which arise concerning the care of the grave or ashes plot. We can also ensure you are invited to our annual memorial service.


We hold an annual memorial service where we remember loved ones who have died. This is usually in late October or early November. We invite the next of kin of those recently buried in the churchyard, and shall contact you about this a few weeks before the service. We hope you will find such a service helpful in dealing with bereavement.

Often one of our most important needs at the time of bereavement is to set up a lasting memorial to the person we care for. We would like to give you some information to help you in the decisions necessary to make this happen.


The churchyard is very large and needs constant attention to keep it maintained. We try to keep maintenance costs to a minimum, using volunteers where possible. We do employ a gardener for a few hours a week to keep the grass cut, however due to the ever increasing price of petrol and other services we are in constant need of funds to help keep our churchyard properly maintained and safe for visitors. If you would like to help with the churchyard and volunteer your services, please contact the Churchyard Manager, Mr J Jackson, who will be grateful of any help you can provide.
We are always grateful to receive contributions to our churchyard fund for ongoing maintenance.
If you would like to help perhaps you would consider joining our Churchyard Maintenance Scheme and donate £5 a month by standing order. Or you can donate to the Scheme by cheque, made payable to St Luke’s Whyteleafe PCC Churchyard. An annual donation can also be made by standing order.
If you pay Income Tax, and wish to make a donation please would you complete a Gift Aid declaration form to increase the value of your donation by 25p for every £1 donated.

For further information please contact Mrs A Pannett who can provide Standing Order and Gift Aid Forms.


Team Vicar
Rev. Timothy Goode020 8660 4015
Assistant Curate
Rev. Helen Burnett07779 044561
Lay Reader
Mrs Leslie Shannon020 8668 3665
Mr John Ritchie
Mr Richard Goatcher
Parish Administrator
Mrs Alison Pannett020 8668 7065
Churchyard Manager
Mr John Jackson020 8660 1023

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